2023 Fasting & Prayers – Day 28

2023 Fasting & Prayers – Day 28 – JILFI

2023 Fasting & Prayers – Day 28

Rom. 10:6-1, II Cor. 5:14-21, I Cor. 9:16-24

Fire Upon Our Hearts Oh Lord!

Lay your hands upon our hearts oh God.  Put passion there for lost souls, love for God, compassion to see God’s will done upon the earth and in our lives/families/JILFI.

Take us above/beyond ourselves. Make us zealous for You and Your things. Amplify Holy Spirit’s voice through us in JILFI.

Give us abiding souls that we will take to heaven, many, not a few.

Make me a God chaser, God’s ambassador, a worthy servant of the mysteries and treasures of God on the earth.

Make us healthy: spirit, soul and body in Jesus precious Name.

Read The Scriptures – Col. 1-4, Rev. 2-3


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