2023 Fasting & Prayers – Day 27

2023 Fasting & Prayers – Day 27 – JILFI

2023 Fasting & Prayers – Day 27

Ps 127, 128, Isa. 40:30-31

Our Youths

Our children are God’s   arrows for a sure future of God’s kingdom and agenda in the world.

The flows of God’s power, grace, unction, truth, godliness, soul-winning in JILFI will increase and be stronger through our children/youths.

Youths with a difference, accurate are well shot arrows in God’s hands are JILFI youths. They live above, beyond and in opposition to the spirit and systems of this world.

Present all categories of youths to God’s hands – married, singles, teenagers for effective making by the Holy Ghost. They will come to Christ, follow Him diligently until He makes them the strong and sharp threshing instruments with teeth. Isa. 41:15

With our youths God will dash in pieces the nations and the kingdoms. Jer. 50:19-23.

Command that our youths’ eyes of understanding be enlightened to embrace the truth.

I overcome the seduction and deception of this end time in Jesus name. I walk in the light, so, I am an agent of divine lighting of the darkness of this world in Jesus name.

I commit myself to conforming to God’s divine standards for my life. My faith in God works because I have faith in God’s ability and love.

Read The Scriptures – Phil. 1-4, Rev. 1


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