2023 Fasting & Prayers – Day 34

2023 Fasting & Prayers – Day 34 – JILFI

2023 Fasting & Prayers – Day 34


Ps 67, Gal. 6:6-10, Rom. 15:29

Thank God for the power of the blessing which makes God’s work to prosper in our hands and make us prosper in God’s work too.

Bless God for the gifts of men for the mandate, i.e people of the JILFI vision. Magnify Him for our partners, friends and helpers of war who give, pray, care for us, show us love and support us in different ways.

Pray for all the above – mentioned for God’s help and mercy. God will come through to them in great blessings and intervention and when/where they need such. They will increase in every good thing of life and godliness.

Pray that all of us in JILFI will start to contribute (increasingly) financially and in all areas to the ministry’s growth and advancements. No one shall be left out of the moves of God.

Ask for greater impact of our media ministry. Pray for our Media Team for freshness, excellent spirit, creativity and stronger commitment. Pray for our media stations, outfits and platforms.

Pray for our UK church for major break-through. Call out new branches in different nations of the world.

Pray Ps 67 over all in JILFI.

Read The Scriptures – Heb. 1-7


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