2023 Fasting & Prayers – Day 21

2023 Fasting & Prayers – Day 21 – JILFI

2023 Fasting & Prayers – Day 21

Prov. 29:18,  Hab. 2:1-4, Ps 32:6-9, Jer. 30:18-22, Eph. 1:11

The JILFI Vision

It is the divine vision that gives direction to a man’s life.

Praise God for the honour to be called, anointed and sent by God. Thank Him for our past, present and glorious future.

Reaffirm God’s vision and mandate given to us in JILFI – TAKING THE WHOLE WORD (GOD’S TRUTH) TO THE LOST SOULS IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Shout it aloud to God, the whole earth and yourself.

Ask God that it must become clearer and louder in our hearts i.e. the people of the vision, every day.

Declare it to be more compelling. All of us must run with it with speed and accuracy in the spirit and physically too.

Decree Ezk 12:23-28 over JILFI in all aspects of the ministry.

Ask God for daily divine guidance, direction and provisions for the vision, especially for our leaders. Mention them in turns, daddy + mummy, pastors, deacons.

Command new and great doors to open to us. Crush the adversaries, oppositions and hindrances in Jesus name.

We will always know what to do at every time, everywhere and over every issue. We catch up and make up for the lost time in Jesus name.

Thus saith the Lord in Isa. 60:22, Zach. 4:6-10.  Declare it and claim it for yourself in Jesus name.  We are fulfilling the vision, we are doing new things through Christ.

Read The Scriptures – I Cor. 1-8 / I Cor. 9-16


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