2023 Fasting & Prayers – Day 11

2023 Fasting & Prayers – Day 11 – JILFI

2023 Fasting & Prayers – Day 11

Isa. 48:15-22, Is 66:1-2,5; Acts 19:20; Acts 12:24

I exalt Your word in all areas of my life, oh my Father. The word of God empowers and prevails every time. I receive grace to increase in the word every day. 

Speak the word of God over your now and future. Take the Bible and pray the scriptures above over your life.

We will not just attend church but we will love the word of God, obey it, honour it and be profitable with it by bringing the lost souls into the kingdom by the gospel.

Read The Scriptures – Luke 19-24


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